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George Goode and Russ Smith to join Masiello at Manhattan?

<em>Came here for school, graduated to the high life.
Ball players, rap stars, addicted to the limelight</em>
Came here for school, graduated to the high life. Ball players, rap stars, addicted to the limelight

The Courier-Journal's C.L. Brown is starting to connect the dots to the basketball scholarship and playing time situation next season. In theory, at least. 

Masiello's new roster at Manhattan could have a U of L imprint on it. Center/forward George Goode can transfer and play immediately as long as he graduates by the end of the summer and enrolls in a graduate studies course at Manhattan that is not offered at U of L.

Guard Russ Smith, who stumbled through an injury-plagued freshman season and appeared in 17 games, could seek to return home to New York and play for Masiello.

Smith might get lost in the shuffle next season, especially with U of L recruiting former Tennessee commit Kevin Ware. Even if they don't land Ware, Smith could see limited minutes again next season because of the Cards depth in the backcourt.

Both potential moves seem plausible enough.

As expected, Goode will be looking to fulfill his final year of eligibility in a new uniform. As a Jasper, one would assume Goode's familiarity with the head coach would give him a good shot at some decent D1 playing time. There were also rumors that he would jump at a similar opportunity under former Cardinal assistant Scott Davenport at Bellarmine. Both seem like win-win scenarios, but best of luck wherever you land, George.

The second issue is slightly more intriguing. Due to a recruiting windfall, the program may have more talent at its disposal than athletic scholarships and playing time in the near future. And now the Courier-Journal--or at least its Louisville beat writer--has officially tabbed the native New Yorker Russ Smith as front-runner in the oft-debated "who's going to transfer" sweepstakes. If a transfer actually happens.

Would C.L. print such information without some type of inside knowledge? To each his own interpretation and conjecture. As a fan, it would be bittersweet to lose yet another member of one the most beloved Cardinal teams and enjoyable seasons ever. However, since Masiello helped create this "problem" of depth, it's only fitting that he would hypothetically help heal the situation.

The other wrinkle to this story is the fact that Chris Smith transferred from Manhattan to Louisville less than 2 years ago. It probably has little bearing on Russ, other than Chris giving him pointers on which history professor to avoid, but the parallel would be interesting nonetheless.