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Pitino talks Big East Tournament, West Virginia

Notable quotes from the C-J:

"The heart, the attitude of this basketball team is as big as the city of Louisville," he said. "... They're just as devastated as the coaching staff when we lose. No crying in the locker room, but we're devastated."

"I texted Preston that night — and I really meant it, it wasn't just to make him feel good — I wouldn't trade him for five of the best players in the country," Pitino said. "First of all, 75 feet from the basket, you're not going to make that call normally. … That's a terrible way to lose."

"He should know better, should not have made the foul," the coach said. "The referee I don't believe should have called the foul. That being said, I was more upset with Peyton (Siva) and with Kyle (Kuric) not doing their job (defensively) in that regard."

"I was immensely disappointed in all of them," Pitino said. "We've talked long and hard that they would have to rebound for us to win. They didn't get in there and mix it up enough."

"The man at the top has to go to the weak side where 85 percent of the rebounds come off and hit you so you're rebounding the weak side two (players) versus one," Pitino said. "And that's what we didn't do. Especially us more so than any team, we have to get two versus one."

"We did get a lucky break in terms of we're not going against anyone that will bring a lot of people," he said. "We have struggled in the Garden at times because if you play St John's, Syracuse, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, you're going to play a road game."