The Big East Tournament

I do not have an opinion on this topic and am eager for the Card Chronicle community to sway me in one of the two directions.

Would you prefer to see the Big East Tournament in New York City every year, or would you like to see a bid process for it by Big East cities?

The NYC Argument

Madison Square Garden is the mecca of basketball and the center of the sports Universe. The allure of having the conference tournament in New York City helps draw fans from all of the teams and also gives people and annual trip and tradition to look forward to.

Holding the BET in NYC can also be a recruiting advantage, as the BET is widely known as the most watched conference tournament and allows top talent a very large stage to play on annually. I think to players like Johnny Flynn that made millions of dollars because of his performance in the BET.

The Rotation Argument

First off, the BET could still be hosted in NYC on a regular basis. Through a rotation, Big East communities would be able to gain the financial benefits of hosting such a prestigious tournament. The Louisville Sports Commission makes big dollars off hosting the BET for Field Hockey...imagine what basketball would bring in.

A week long tournament could have a huge impact on area hotels, restaurants and attractions.

The tournament could have a very positive impact on communities like:

  • Louisville
  • Milwaukee
  • Syracuse
  • Hartford
  • Cincinnati
  • Tampa

It could also be hosted in mega cities like:

  • Chicago
  • Philly
  • Washington D.C.
  • NYC

While St. John's would lose their annual competitive advantage, the downside would be that one team would gain a significant home-court advantage on an annual basis.

I am eager to hear the thoughts and opinions of CardChronicloids Near and Far.

Speaking of far...I would be all for a BET in Tucson so we can all shack at our man Austin's house. I call dibs on fist shower. I need my ME time.