NCAA president: Time to discuss players getting sliver of revenue pie -


And so it begins. Mark Emmert, NCAA President (and frequent recipient of boo's from ignorant UK fans) is on the record as saying the NCAA will explore the subject of bumping up the value of players' scholarships with NCAA revenue. The bump would include a few extra thousand dollars to take care of travel, laundry and other typical college expenses that aren't covered at this time. I have to say, that while I agree with what Emmert is proposing, a modest increase to cover reasonable and actual expenses, I'm a bit nervous that this won't go over well with a lot of different folks. It is in no way making equal to the amount of revenue that the players are bringing in, so some will say that it still isn't fair to the players. But it also probably isn't something that the NCAA will be able to police well. These folks worry that the more NCAA blessed pocket money that is available, the more of a screen coaches will have to hide behind claiming ignorance to inappropriate giving. Kid magically has a new PS3 and an IPad2 and coaches can just assume it came from his "laundry money". All in all, I personal think it's better than nothing and that players of major revenue sports deserve something for the amount of commercialization that the NCAA capitalizes off of them. I know my UofL scholarship paid for more than an athletic scholarship paid. I was paid tuition, room & board, books, meals, and a $3500 per semester stipend intended to cover miscellaneous needs like computers, transportation, etc. What say you, Cardinal faithful? Is this an good idea? Is it fair and enough compensation to the players? Or are we starting down a slippery slope in which college athletics becomes professional sport?