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O'Leary: DaMarcus Smith still "100% a Knight"

Well, the man does have a flawless track record in the honesty department.

For the past two weeks, Kentucky fan websites and media outlets have been posting rumors four-star Louisville Seneca quarterback DaMarcus Smith was trying to get out of his letter of intent to UCF.

However, UCF coach George O’Leary still expects Smith to join his program this summer.

O’Leary said Smith "is 100 percent a Knight," the UCF Athletics communications office told the Orlando Sentinel via e-mail Thursday morning. UCF officials said O’Leary is out of town right now and not expected to comment further on the issue.

The UCF coaching staff has declined to comment in the past about Smith’s status, but the coaches have been in touch with him to discuss his future with the program.

I'm not going to say I don't care because I'd still love for this kid to wear the red and black, but this whole "saga," or whatever; yeah, I have zero desire to keep up with it or try to understand it.