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DaMarcus Smith officially asks out of his letter of intent

Times are tough. Folks are down. We need something to smile about. When this scenario is in play we, of course, look to...the DaMarcus Smith saga.

At least it's a distraction. DaMarcus Smith is our Albanian war.

The latest installation of the saga came today, when the former Seneca High School quarterback officially asked out of the letter of intent he signed with Central Florida in February.

"Today I have filed a release request with the University of Central Florida, asking to be released from my national letter-of-intent I signed in February, due to extenuating circumstances," Smith said in a faxed release.

He went on: "I send my apologies to the University of Louisville and the University of Central Florida for this issue. And I would also like to apologize to the Louisville fans and community who have supported me since the day I originally committed to the Cardinal family. I view this as a private matter and will have no further comment until a later date."

Pretty much the biggest story ever. Let's discuss for eight days straight.

In all seriousness, here's hoping DaMarcus is on campus and suiting up for fall camp in a few months.