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Before you leap

It's pathetic, but I fully admit to still being stuck in the depression stage of grief. The finality of the season definitely feels more real than it did over the weekend, but there's still a small part of me that expects Louisville to take the floor tomorrow night. They will not.

Today is the one-week anniversary of the game in Denver, and I think it's appropriate that the sun has disappeared and the temperature has dropped approximately 30 degrees. Mother Nature usually knows what's up.

I can never completely let go of a Louisville basketball season until the college basketball season itself comes to a close. It's not fun, but it's the price you pay for investing so much of your time/emotions/clothing selection from November on. If you want the good to taste as sweet as possible, you also have to be willing to accept the bitter.

Even though the NCAA Tournament will resume tonight and continue into April without the Louisville Cardinals, there are still reasons to step down from the ledge (on the side where the ground is the nearest).

Let's explore.

1. Baby Monkey

By popular demand.

2. Spring Football

Yes, several key members will be absent, but Charlie Strong will be there, as will perhaps the highest profile out-of-state recruit in the history of the program. The spring game is April 15.

3. Louisville Baseball

Even the staunchest opponent of America's pastime has been at least somewhat drawn in by the Cardinal Nine's postseason runs the last few years. The team plays about as exciting a brand of ball as the game allows. Also, dollar beers and dollar hot dogs at home games.

4. Kentucky Losing

I get emails, messages, or comments from UK fans fairly frequently saying something along the lines of "you always say you don't care about Kentucky, but now you're talking about Kentucky." These people have significant reading comprehension issues. Nearly every time I mention the Louisville/Kentucky rivalry I make it a point to acknowledge both that I really don't like Kentucky, and that I've never tried to hide that fact. 

What I do make fun of frequently are the almost unbelievably high number of Wildcat fans who take the time to email me, or who create an account for this Louisville site, verify their email address for this Louisville site, and then post lengthy comments on this Louisville site detailing exactly how much they don't care about Louisville. These people deserve far more mocking than the ones who post ridiculously disparaging comments that are impossible to decipher. At least those people are honest.

As hard as it is to deal with the fact that the Wildcats have lasted longer than the Cardinals in the NCAA Tournament, this Kentucky team is not going to win the national championship. I have no problem admitting that I will enjoy watching their season end. The members of Big Blue Nation who actually have souls (that's the real .004%) will see a small part of themselves die at some point between now and the first Monday in April. It will ease the pain of the Morehead loss, albeit only slightly.

5. Mascot Rape

Because it's still funny.


This is what happens during the dead period.

6. Springtime in Louisville

There are few better places in the world to live during the months of April and May than Louisville, Ky.

7. The Least Cool Person Tournament

Larry Taylor, Mitch Barnhart, and Steve Kragthorpe will soon have company.


See, it's going to be OK.