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Notes from the first day of spring practice

I wasn't able to make it out to practice yesterday, but our good friend Mark Ennis was and shared a few tidbits with the Cardinal world on Twitter. 

1. Marcus Smith, who came to Louisville as a quarterback and played linebacker last year, is now playing defensive end. This move is a testament to Pat Moorer, who helped Smith apparently pack on 31 pounds in less than a year.

2. Terence Simien has made the move from safety to outside linebacker. Despite his solid play to this point, the move isn't too surprising considering the depth at the safety position.

3. Greg Scruggs has moved back from defensive tackle to defensive end.

Other notes from various folks:

--Will Stein is running the first team offense, and nearly all reports list his play as "solid."

--Teddy Bridgewater looked good and every bit as mobile as advertised but overthrew some folks on a day where the wind made it difficult to be accurate.

--Dominique Brown is your third quarterback and appears to have improved his throwing motion.

--Much like the first open practice of fall camp, the star was Josh Bellamy. Bellamy has apparently put on even more muscle and appeared a step faster than the rest of the talented young group of receivers.

--The other oft-mentioned standout was true freshman receiver Charles Gaines. He'll play this year.

--Titus Teague got some major reps with the defense and even garnered a shout-out from Brian Bennett.

I'm planning on heading out there tomorrow, but sadly will not be able to make it when the fellas put on the pads for the first time on Saturday. If you take in the practice, feel free to post a report.

This is cheering me up a little.