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ChronPoll: Favorite VillenHD Video of 2010-11 Season

This is sort of a proxy for "best game" or "favorite game" of the year, although each video's artistic merit and song choice may trump game importance. All videos available here.

Re-watching a season's worth of wins, a couple fun things jumped out:

1) The number of #Marradunks, #Marra3s and #Marrapasses early on in the season. And basically none after the infamous jinx post (in between USA and San Francisco games).

2) The complete lack of Kuric highlights until like January.

3) The passing, from everyone, especially in December games. Just so good

4) Rock Buckles. If he and Marra both stay healthy all year, obviously completely different team. Also, Gorgui definitely looked a lot better pre-WVU injury.

5) We changed our press. Notice how early on in the season, Marra/Kuric run towards the out of bounds player after a made basket. End of the season, no one guarding the guy throwing the ball in.

6) Almost everybody in those videos is coming back, except for ! and George Goode, of course.

7) The first recorded "Kyle's Korner" 3 of the season - the UNLV game. No highlights of Kyle making 3 from the corner before that. There are five in that video.

8) I love this team.

The contenders....after the Jump.

Louisville v. Butler (opening game in the Yum!)

Louisville v. UNLV (big game, VillenHD drops the "!")

Louisville v. WKU (the announcers + we couldn't miss)

Louisville v. Marquette (Miracle on Main)

Louisville v. St. John's (Puerto Rico Ending)

Louisville v. WVU (Miracle on Main II)

Louisville v. UConn (2OT Siva Game)

Louisville v. UConn (Fist-Pumping Charlie Strong Game)

Louisville v. Pitt (Classic Yum! game)

Louisville v. Providence (What Is Happening Here, Bob?)

Louisville v. Notre Dame (The Final ! VillenHD Video)

What a season. Sucks so bad it's over. We are going to have really, really good team next year. Hopefully they are even a fraction as memorable and loveable as this year's team.