A Beary Tale

It has come to my attention that a number of you have become very fond of me.

I wanted to come and give you the bear necessities on my personal history:

In 2007, I enrolled at the University of Louisville after bearly being accepted because of some beastiality accusations.

Bear in mind, I grew up in Louisville and had always been fond of the Cardinals, but with students tickets I was now able to introduce myself to the world.

I thought my first Louisville sporting event would be my last. I put on my David Padgett jersey with a sign that read ‘I miss you beary much’ for a 2007 game against Miami (OH). The captain and my favorite player could not bear all of the pressure on his knees and had to miss a few key games. I just wanted to show my support, but people mocked me, asking why a mouse would show up to a game and yelled at me to put my sign down. I retreated to the top of Freedom Hall, as the shame in the student section was unbearable.

I grew weary of University of Louisville Athletics, but found intramurals to be a bearel of fun.

I also joined a fraternity. The girls couldn’t keep their paws off me, but it must be hard when I look so debonbear.

Neither could the guys.

In order to improve my still smokey relationship with the Cardinal Community, I participated in numerous charity events, including this 5K, where I showed my respect to the great Kareem Abdul Jabear.

I arose from my hibernation from UofL athletics and made an appearance at a UofL women’s soccer game where I happily signed autographs for all of my young fans in attendance. After the game, the Bird and I both enjoyed the fish sandwich from Bearno’s

Like Denny ‘Picnic’ Crum before me, U of L basketball welcomed me back with a big old bear hug.

I made my first appearance as Bearrence Jennings at the Yum! Center as the Cards defeated the pesky Huskies. I clearly had a little too much honey before and during the game.

That said, it felt beary good to have the love of the fans and to cheer the Cards on to victory. I even made it on ESPN and everyone sent messages to my BlackBeary. After the game, I was left to walk home alone to Bearret Ave., because of all the adoring fans wanting pictures. Walking through the hood of downtown Louisville I felt like NOTORIOUS B.E.A.R..

The Yum! Center was now home and I wanted to invite some of my friends. On Senior Night, I brought along Tiger and Lion. Detroit has been unbearable for them. We cheered the Cards on to a victory over Bryce ‘Bear Trap’ Cotton.

I can’t wait for Bearrence, SivaBear and the rest of the Cards to bring home the honey. Preston! makes me take my pants off, leaving me bear naked.

I am also beary excited to be an active poster on Card Chronicle. Bear in mind…most of my prose has been on Bear Chronicle to date.

The Beary Best to all of you.

- Bearrence Jennings