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Last chance to enter the CC Bracket Challenge

Here's how:


1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go here and click "Join a Group."

3. Type in the league ID (79409) and league password ("bridge") to get into the group.

4. Fill out your bracket.


  • Please note that the bracket "locks" on Thursday morning, which means the "first" round play-in games on Tuesday & Wednesday will not be scored on this contest. Translation: you have until Thursday morning to finalize your brackets, Mr./Ms. Procrastinator (looking at you, Leigh).
  • More importantly, from my experience, Yahoo! would not let me pick "USC/VCU" to defeat Georgetown in the Round of 64 (technically the second round) and then save my picks. Unless this was a glitch, if you want to pick one of the play-in game winners to win their Round of 64 match-ups, you will need to log back into your bracket after their play-in game has finished, select them to win and then save your bracket accordingly. Got all that?


This year's champion will receive...something. Might be a free tattoo from Mike Marra's brother, might be a Siva Bear, might be a VHS tape of me suffering my first concussion while playing college soccer back in '99. It's anyone's guess at this point. A badge of honor and 1,986 ChronPoints will also be awarded to the most creative entry name. 

Also, we're humbly excited to announce that Card Chronicle and Yahoo! have teamed up once again to award $1 million to anyone who picks every game correctly.

When in doubt, do what Tim Henderson would do.