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Onto the NCAA, Big East Tournament Run Comes To Somewhat-Heartbreaking End.

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All my fault.  #MarraCardsFan922fail. 

Seriously though, the refs were terrible, Kemba was getting so many calls, Preston! and Siva were both playing hurt.  Too much to overcome.  Got two good looks from 3 to tie, although making 3 straight free throws, down 3 with 3 seconds to go, in the BET finals, is not like its something easy, no matter how good of a shooter you are (or are supposed to be).  And Preston! missed a tough runner, but made so many great shots beforehand that the announcers pretended didn't happen.  I usually love that trio, but the Kemba/UConn love tonight was ridiculous.  They gave some to Siva, but Knowles was playing out of his mind and making big shots, while Kemba was making free throws.

Anyway, strangely okay.

Zero chance I turn on ESPN for the next 12-15 hours. 

Let's get a 3 seed and hope for a good #6 and #2 match-up. 

Please don't break our hearts, March.