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Postgame comments from Rick Pitino

Highlights from this and his postgame on the radio (no audio/visual):

--He's having more fun coaching this team than any since the '87 Providence squad because they truly do play for the name on the front of the jersey, which is so rare in this day and age.

--Everything starts with Preston. He's becoming a really effective point guard. He played 31 minutes and had seven assists with just one turnover.

--Really happy with the way this team shares the ball. Should be a heck of a matchup with Notre Dame because they share the ball well too.

--This team was just as down as the coaches were after the loss to West Virginia, and you rarely see that.

--Foul trouble at the center position isn't an issue because we're so deep. George stepped in and we didn't miss a beat last night.

--Was worried about the double-bye, but they got to New York late Wednesday and treated this like a road game.

--Mike Marra is shooting the ball well because for the first time he's not focusing only on his shooting, he's focusing on his total game. He has become a really good defender, and is easily the most intelligent defender on the team.

--He came to the Garden with more confidence than he had in a team since 1996. Knows because of their attitude they were going to show up and leave it all on the floor.