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Who Loves This Team?

We do.  We love this team.

Although we looked a little rough at times, and Kuric mysteriously missed all of his 2nd half threes, and Chris Smith seemingly single-handily let Marquette back into the game in the last minute of the first half, and TJ/Dieng spent most of the game in foul trouble, and we kept fouling them near the basket....the point is: when this team gets to do its thing, it is so much fun to watch.  Running the floor, making the extra pass, finding the open guy, hustling, playing fast, nailing threes from all over....they are just so much fun to watch and so easy to cheer for.  

And now we get to play Notre Dame, a potential (likely?) #1 seed, in the Big East semifinals, in the Friday night late game in Madison Square Garden.

And by the way, my favorite comment and/or tweet of the night?  This one, right after Siva almost dunked over that guy in the first half:

Fake RT @ I see you Siva.

Yup, I highlighted my own fake re-tweet of a guy who played for 1 season 6 years ago.  That just happened.

Please don't break our hearts, March.