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Higgins, Burr, Walton withdraw from Big East Tournament

Well, I think you have to at least give credit to these guys for doing the right thing in this situation. They still shouldn't work the NCAA Tournament.

The three officials whose errors marred the end of the St. John's-Rutgers Big East tournament game have voluntarily withdrawn from the rest of the tournament, the conference said.

The three officials -- Jim Burr, Tim Higgins and Earl Walton -- were criticized for failing to officiate until the final buzzer of the second-round game at Madison Square Garden.


In a statement, conference commissioner John Marinatto said the officials withdrew "in the best interests of everyone involved -- including coaches, student-athletes, game officials and Big East member institutions."

"With three days of competition remaining, it is our hope that everyone will now focus on our outstanding teams and the exciting games ahead," he said.

By the way, Louisville's record in Higgins-officiated Big east games this year was 0-3. This is a good development.