Digger Phelps ruined my night

(Editor's Note: I'd like to add to all of this that Digger was wearing a Notre Dame sweater and referred to the Fighting Irish as "we" on multiple occasions. Truly a low point for ESPN's fling with professionalism)

I know it was discussed on the thread, but I wanted to extend the discussion.

Never have I been more frustrated with the commentary in a game.

Specifically, the vendetta that was taken by Digger Phelps and Bob Knight against Kyle Kuric was sickening.

Going into the game, Kyle averaged 8 PPG. Before the technical, he had 17 points and then finished with 18.

Then, according to Phelps and Knight he had a 'mindset shift', resultant of the technical, that affected his game.

Kyle scored 8 points in the second half, including a clutch three and three free throws in front of a very hostile ND student section.

Knight and Phelps created a false villain in Kuric.

Did anyone else notice when Kuric missed a three in the second half, Digger said 'short' in the most vindictive manner? Or maybe you noticed the celebration in Diggers' voice when Kuric missed a lay-up in overtime.

I find it difficult to blame is difficult to make real-time decisions and is easy to get caught up in the atmosphere, especially at a place like Purcell. That said, I put a little more faith in the commentary team, who has the opportunity to see replays.

Simply put, I feel that this commentary team was extremely skewed in their bias towards ND.

Some other moments that bothered me:

  • Saying Preston had no business taking a three pointer he hit in the second half after lauding Hansborough all first half for having such range.
  • Making no mention of the Abromitis 'hook' or 'travel', which were both blatantly obvious on replay
  • Making no mention of the injuries suffered to three of our starters until Rece brought it up with 6 minutes left in the think that would have been a story line.
  • Did they even refer to Kuric as King Kyle?
  • Using the terms 'we' and 'our' when referring to Notre Dame
  • Digger having a Notre Dame logo on his sweatshirt
  • Digger passing out student tickets to the Notre Dame student body on campus this morning

I want to open the floor for discussion, but I really wish ESPN would adopt a policy where commentators who have been affiliated with a University are not allowed to be a part of the commentary for a game including that team. I am alright with 'analysis' or 'College GameDay' type events, but when you involve them in the play-by-play or color commentary, you are simply making the game a painful experience for 50% of the viewership.

I feel better now.