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DePaul Day Battle Rap

Written while tripping off flu medicine. Just like Lupe.

Hop up out the bed
Throw my pajama pants away
My thighs need to feel the breeze
On this beautiful DePaul Day

My mind is free, my nerves straight
I'm thinkin' bout some waffles
Worried 'bout a loss I ain't
'Cuz baby you're Depaulful

In the cellar you still dwell
Full of 30-point losses
Tell Oliver Purnell
Should've sticked to makin' sausage

It's DePaul Day, shed your worries, get your giddy on
Now pardon me a moment while I get my Fiddy on


Go Shawty, it's DePaul Day
We gon' party like it's DePaul Day
We gon' chill in hammocks like it's DePaul Day
And you know Hendo's gettin' run cuz it's DePaul Day



No wins for number 16
Just like we're in the tournament
Been bleedin' for two decades now
Too late to grab a tourniquet

To be fair they've had their moments
In this series history
Like that windmill alley-oop

When only down by 63

Ray Meyer, Mark Aguirre
Both of them retired
George Mikan, they was likin'
But he ain't for hire

You think you're still a name
But I'm sorry you just ain't, B
Accept the fact you're Ringo
And not DePaul McCartney

Firin' Mr. Wainwright?
Y'all know that just plain ain't right

At least the man was funny
When you couldn't score a basket
Now you're needin' 8 DePaul Bearers
To carry the program's casket

15 players who all can't shoot
Shit warrants a DePaulsuit

At this point I thought you'd be
So much closer back to balling
But I don't think it's only me
Who's DePauled you're this DePauling

I know this isn't what you want
Now the Big East got you ostracized
But please hear me when I say
(ONE REPUBLIC VOICE) it's too late to DePaulogize

So grab a drink, take a seat, get some friends together
Clear your minds cuz we ain't lost since twenty-zero-ever

At home or at the Yum
Everybody's havin' fun
Cuz it only ends one way
Another wonderful DePaul Day