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Ode to Jerry Wainwright

Those of you who are relatively new to the blog might be unfamiliar with my love of former DePaul head coach Jerry Wainwright. For years I've referred to him as "The Human Cartoon" because, well, he looks like a cartoon character (I don't have many levels). I've always thought Garfield, but what actual cartoon show/strip he belongs in is far more debatable than the indisputable fact that he is a human cartoon character.

Outside of the fact that he was drawn with a pencil by another human being, the most notable thing about Wainwright is that he was perhaps the worst in-game coach in the history of college basketball. He always had talent (Wilson Chandler, Sammy Mejia, Dar Tucker, Mac Koshwal), but Wainwright couldn't do any better than 20-51 in the Big East from 2005-2006 up until his firing in the middle of last season. Watching Cartoon Jerry's team coach itself inside Madison Square Garden was always the best part of the Big East Tournament...when DePaul made it.

Making my love for CJW complete is the fact that, by all accounts, he is one of the nicest guys in sports. Nice, goofy and DePaul is an unbeatable combination when it comes to Mike Rutherford affection.

This being DePaul Day Eve, I feel it's only proper that we honor the Human pictures:






And then who could forget his farewell presser...when he was on crutches.



I wish nothing more than that you could be here with us tomorrow, old friend.