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Jason Higdon: DaMarcus Smith to Central Florida

Before we go any further I would like to say that I have no personal knowledge of what is going on with DaMarcus Smith and that I've never had any personal knowledge of what is going on with DaMarcus Smith, other than being told by a media member last week that he was "very likely" not going to end up at U of L.

Jason Higdon, a writer who covers football in the state of Florida, is reporting via Twitter that DaMarcus Smith faxed his letter of intent to Central Florida yesterday and that he will officially announce his intention to become a Knight on Friday.

So are the "faxed letter then immediately regretted it" or "faxed LOI but didn't sign financial aid papers" theories still in play? Who knows. The only thing I'm certain of anymore is that I'm rapidly losing interest.

Do I hope Smith ends up at U of L? Absolutely, but it's not like there's an actual BCS bid at stake here. I think the kid will be a very good quarterback, but Charlie Strong has reeled in the greatest recruiting class in the history of Louisville football with or without Smith's commitment.

Whatever has happened, whatever is happening, and whatever will happen, I wish the kid all the best.