I do NOT want a double bye in the Big East Tournament

I do not want a double bye in the Big East Tournament and here's why:

1. In a double-bye situation, the probability of UofL losing their one and only game is probably 45%. If UofL only received a single bye, the probability that they win the first game is probably 75% (onto #2 below).

2. I want to watch MORE UofL games than LESS so I'd be content having to play an extra easier game just to see UofL twice. After all, why are we rooting for UofL to potentially play fewer games when, in fact, we would all look forward to seeing UofL play as much as possible.

3. Winning at MSG is always exciting and, except for 2009, we haven't had much of it. A nice, single-bye game against the #12 seed will a good way to get a W in the world's most famous arena.

4. I believe teams have an advantage by playing the day before instead of being the stale team that hadn't played yet. Case in point: last year Cincinnati had already played a game in the tourny while UofL was stale. In fact, 3 of the 4 stale teams with a double bye lost their first game last year. Thus, I assert that UofL would have a better chance of winning its round-of-8 game if it had already played the day before.

5. A win is a win. Playing in the single-bye round allows UofL a better chance to pad its Win total for the NCAA tournament.

6. I don't think the "market' views an early round tournament loss any differently if it's the round of 12 or the round of 8, so the timing of the loss doesn't matter. In other words, UofL has no risk playing in the round of 12 game. However, I think a win in the round-of-12 would be helpful to pad the win total.