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Report: Shawn Watson will coach quarterbacks at Louisville

Rivals/Yahoo writer Tom Dienhart reported yesterday that Louisville will soon name former Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson as its new quarterbacks coach.

Watson drew some criticism last year in Lincoln for the Cornhuskers' lack of offensive production during the second half of the season, but there is a whole lot to like about this hire by Charlie Strong.

--Watson had success last year with an athletic freshman quarterback (Taylor Martinez).

--He's another guy with a solid recruiting background, and his specialty is South Florida. Should fit right in.

--He's almost universally considered to be "one of the good guys" in the college football coaching profession.

--In December he was considered a candidate for the head coaching jobs at both Vandy and Miami of Ohio, and his connection with his players was evident in this quote from sophomore QB Cody Green:

Of course, the players hear the buzz. Sophomore quarterback Cody Green said he tries to tune it out.

But, admittedly, he said any speculation about Watson "kind of hits home a little bit because he is like a father figure to us, especially for the quarterbacks and the guys he's recruited.

"To hear those things," Green said, "I'm glad for him because it's a head coaching job, but on the other side, it kind of hits home because he's like my dad up here."

This is a guy who, as recently as two moths ago, was considered a front-runner for an SEC head coaching job. A great addition to the staff by Strong.

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