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Cards Win 7th Straight Over Orange; Kuric Awesome

Fun yet strange game today at the Yum! Center.  The Cards used torrid three point shooting from Preston and Kuric and some great interior defense to build a 20-point lead, and then let Syracuse back into it by seemingly trying to just run out the clock.  I think we had the ball for 1:48 of the last 2:00 of the game, and a very lucky foul called against Syracuse with the shot clock running down and a risky pass to Kuric at the free throw line gave us some breathing room.  It was also the first time I can remember Pitino making a halftime adjustment when UP 10, and we ran a high pick against their zone that let Siva get into the lane and create scoring opportunities.  A few key shots and this thing stays a double digit win.  

Overall a really fun game, great afternoon and the Cards finish the last 3 games 2-1, with only an overtime loss to a top 10 team on the road, in a game that by all rights should have been a W. 

I can talk myself into this team.  Would much rather be a 3/6 than a 4/5, but so many Big East teams will be in the 3-6 range, I have no idea how the brackets are going to look right now.  

Onto the next segment - @Cinci (tough game), UConn at home (tough game) and @Rutgers (tough game).