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Clint Hurtt named national Recruiter of the Year

This is awesome news in that the man is getting some serious recognition that he absolutely deserves. It's not-so-awesome news in that it drastically decreases the likelihood of him hanging around here for an extended period of time.

One week after signing the highest-ranked recruiting class in school history, University of Louisville assistant football coach Clint Hurtt was named Wednesday as the national Recruiter of the Year by ESPN.

Hurtt, head coach Charlie Strong's defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator, helped U of L sign 20 players — including 12 from Florida — in a class ranked No. 21 in the country by ESPN.

"It's definitely a tremendous honor, and I am very proud of it," Hurtt told The Courier-Journal. "But a lot of the thanks and appreciation has to go to Coach Strong and the rest of the staff. Everybody on the staff did a great job.

"And Coach Strong makes it very easy to go out and work hard for him and do the things we have to do. It's a great mixture, and I think the future is really bright for us."

Damn Clint, don't hurt 'em.

I had to do it once. Just that once. I promise. Don't hurt me.

OK, now I'm done.