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Teddy And A Baby

Teddy Bridgewater came out onto the floor during a timeout at last night's basketball game and talked to the crowd about this season and the need for Cardinal fans to make the Belk Bowl "feel like The Oven." It was cool.

Afterward, Teddy was predictably swarmed by fans looking for pictures or high-fives as he walked back to his seat. A couple of friends and I watched this for a short while before turning our attention back to the game.

Approximately 15 minutes later, a friend sitting two seats down from me exclaimed out of nowhere: "Teddy and a baby!" I looked a couple of sections over and sure enough someone had asked Teddy to take a picture holding their infant.

The first thing I tweeted after the game (I still don't get service in the Arena) was that if this picture didn't appear in my inbox by Thursday morning I would lose all faith in humanity.

Faith in humanity: still strong.

My distant relatives are going to be so confused when they receive my Christmas card next week.

(Update: The child's father has asked for the picture to be removed due to "inappropriate comments")