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Belk Bowl Swag Revealed

So the full list of the gifts each bowl game will be providing its participants with has finally been released, a moment I've been waiting for with eager anticipation ever since last year's glorious beef helmet saga.

So what's in store for our guys this year? iPads? Belk helmets? Season one of My Brother and Me on blu-ray?

Not exactly.

Belk Bowl
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Tuesday, Dec. 27, 8 p.m., ESPN
Estimated $400 shopping trip to Belk’s flagship store in Charlotte, Fossil watch

Is that a joke? That's like the lazy aunt who gives you a gift card to Target every year because...well, because she's lazy.

Do you know what they're giving away at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl this year? An Ogio Fugitive backpack. AN OGIO FUGITIVE BACKPACK. Oh, AND a North End winter coat, Kombi gloves, a Nike beanie and a "Big Game souvenir football." I'd give my left nut for Greg Scruggs to go out with a Big Game souvenir football.

This is a catastrophe.