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The Dream Dies: Cincinnati Beats Connecticut 35-27

Two early defensive touchdowns proved to be too much for UConn to overcome, as the Huskies fell to Cincinnati and all but locked up the Big East's BCS bid for West Virginia.

Word is already leaking out of Charlotte that Louisville will be receiving an invitation to play in the Belk Bowl, where they will likely face North Carolina State. That game will be played on Dec. 27 at 8 p.m. ESPN has the coverage.

Obviously, this is a disappointment, but it's not like there isn't a silver lining here. 1) This team wasn't ready for a BCS game and the odds of them beating either Virginia Tech or Clemson were pretty low. 2) We're going to be awfully good for the next two years, and this will be a constant reminder to the veteran players of the importance of controlling your own destiny.

It hurts now and you should never feel good about not going to a BCS game, but there is a solid amount of positive that could eventually come from this.

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