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Georgetown Deals Louisville First Loss

Last night's loss hurt more than the average defeat for a number of reasons: it was our first loss, it ruined our perfect 2011 home record, it was the first conference game of the season, it was our first Big East loss ever at the Bucket and it was a confidence blow just three days before the Kentucky game.

Still, let's not be like some other fan bases. Let's have some perspective.

Georgetown hit 7-of-11 threes, we has a ridiculous technical called on us, missed a handful of shots from close range as well as some key free-throws, and we were still right there with a chance to win in the game's final minute. Oh yeah, and the opponent is the No. 12 team in the country and has already defeated two other top ten teams this season.

The game actually reminded me a lot of last year's three-point defeat at Georgetown. It was frustrating because we had several chances to win and didn't, but ultimately we fell to a good team that deserved the victory more than we did.

The only truly disappointing aspect of Wednesday night was the way the team played after it tied the game up at 63. The Cards went on this monster run fueled by defensive intensity, but they backed off almost entirely after they'd made the deficit up. They responded to Hoya baskets by taking a pair of unnecessarily quick, challenged threes (Russ and Kyle), and then Peyton Siva made some poor, hurried decisions after the lead was pushed to two possessions. It was a very poor final minute and-a-half for a team that had thrived during that same period for the first 12 games of the season.

Still, we all knew deep inside that this team probably wasn't the fourth-best in the country and we all knew it would have to taste defeat eventually (besides Chane). I don't prescribe to the "good loss" or "this needed to happen" philosophy, but there are plenty of positives that will be taken away from Wednesday night.

Plus, let's be honest, a victory Saturday afternoon and absolutely nobody in the city remembers this game even took place.

Beat Kentucky.