The Little Yummer Boy

GCA lamented the lack of a video of me singing. She can continue to lament, because I couldn't learn iMovie in a day. However, I did record some audio, which is embedded after the jump (caution: the audio plays automaticlly and the lyrics are slightly NSFW). The engineering is awful and the harmonies are worse (which is all on me, because I played, sang and recorded all the tracks myself) but I didn't have time to get it perfect because it had to be posted before the WKU game. I hope you enjoy listening half as much as I enjoyed doing it, because that would mean I had twice as much fun as you.

Little Yummer Boy

Come, they told me, come down to the Yum
Homecoming kings to see, who play at the Yum
The blocks that Gorgui brings are always good fun
And Kuric from the wings great damage has done
Behanan "and one"
Buckets in tons
Eighteen in a row the games we have won
Down at the Yum

But I said, that's weak, it doesn't belong
I am a roundball freak, so don't get me wrong
But this is Belk Bowl week, so here is my song
The thrills that I will seek are under coach Strong
Eli goes long
Teddy throws bombs
Victor and Dominique will move it along
Cardinal Strong

On New Year's Eve, I wish to see at the Rupp
Peypey will drive and dish for Buckles' layups
And then the ball goes swish when Chris jacks it up
Steals and deflections by Interrobang Russ
Those are a must
Gotta love Russ
Goodman, Gottlieb, you can shut the fuck up
When we win at the Rupp

Fellow Chronicloids, my song is now done
I hope you weren't annoyed, it's all been in fun
Although at times he's toyed with our emotions
We all have much enjoyed what Rutherford's done
We know the Chron
Is number one
So to honor him, no more will I pun
Now I'll just hum