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1991 Fiesta Bowl Highlights: Louisville Stomps Alabama

Great stuff from our man, Crum's Revenge.

Some great facts as well from

* Alabama was the SEC runner-up.
* Alabama had the #3 total defense in America, #1 pass defense, #4 scoring defense, #6 rush defense.
* Alabama had only given up 4 total touchdowns in final 7 games of the season.

QUICK HITS: Louisville
* Louisville was an independent.
* Louisville had #6 total defense nationally, #6 scoring defense, #8 passing defense.
* Louisville passed for 458 yards, 3 pass TD’s. The most ever given up in Alabama History.
* Louisville delivered Alabama’s worst bowl loss since 1972 Orange Bowl (lost to Nebraska 38-6).
* Louisville’s first New Year’s Day bowl, and 4th overall bowl appearance.
* Louisville finished 10-1-1, the most ever wins (at the time).

FIESTA BOWL RECORDS (at the time):
* Louisville had 8 sacks. Most ever.
* Louisville had 571 yards of offense. 2nd most ever.
* Louisville held Alabama to the 189 yards of offense. 2nd least ever.


"I don’t remember being more proud of a football team, as I am today. The program worked tremendously hard to get to the position we are in today" – Louisville HC Howard Schnellenberger.

"They talked a lot of junk, but those who laugh first, never laugh again, and we got the last laugh" – Free Safety Ray Buchanon.

"We took them out right from the start. They underestimated us. They should have better prepared" – Ted Washington.

"You’ll have to ask Howard that, Louisville was passing and catching whatever and whenever they wanted". – Alabama HC Gene Stallings when asked about Louisville’s passing success.

"I was shocked they scored 34 on us…the way they played today, I would give Louisville the national title" – Alabama linebacker John Sullins.