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Charlie Strong Named As Candidate For Penn State Job

We all knew this was coming, so the inevitable commotion that's going to follow whenever news like this hits is going to feel almost disingenuous.

There are open head coaching positions all over college football. Charlie Strong might be on the verge of his second Big East Coach of the Year award in his second full season as a head coach. Put the two together and the man's about to be a bigger message board hit than improper use of you're/your.

CBS' Tim Brando tweeted earlier that Strong was one of his two choices to take the job at Ole Miss, but that was just a casual fan (he has a daughter who goes there) giving his preference.

Strong's name has been predictably tossed around elsewhere, but the only real piece of news comes from CBS' Bryan Fisher, who lists him as a top candidate to be Joe Paterno's successor at Penn State.

School president Rod Erickson told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the school hoped to have a new coach in place by the time Penn State plays in a bowl game.


Acting athletic director Dave Joyner, a former Penn State football player, is the leader of the six-person search committee to help select a new coach. Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen, Louisville head coach Charlie Strong and Virginia's Mike London have been mentioned as possible candidates.

That mention, it should be noted, came from a tidbit in the Scranton Times. Don't mess with me, Halpert.

I will never, ever play the "he loves it here and he's going to stay forever" card when it comes to coaches and Cardinal football, but again, I would put the chances of Charlie Strong not being the head coach at Louisville next season at less than 2%. Something unforeseeably dramatic would have to occur for him to leave.

He's staying.