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Charlie Strong talks West Virginia win, crowd surfing and more

I've been waiting to post this in the hope that the C-J would also be making the Greg Scruggs media address available, but alas, it appears that's not going to happen. Just know that it was quite tremendous.

Scruggs talked at length about the selflessness of this teams and how he "can't even imagine how the program's going to take off" after he leaves. He said he was so jealous of the guys who have three or four more years here, and that he would petition the NCAA for more time if he could.

The future is extremely bright, but we're definitely going to miss that guy.

Charlie highlights include:

--He never once thought that his team was going to lose on Saturday, even after West Virginia scored quickly.

--The Mountaineer crowd was never a factor because the Cardinal offense took them out of the game.

--Say what you want about West Virginia fans, but they were packed inside the stadium at 10 a.m., ready to go.

--Hopes there isn't an overreaction from the fans after this win. This is still a young team capable of losing to any of the three teams left on its schedule.

Here's the video: