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The Big East sues West Virginia

As many expected, the Big East has filed a lawsuit against West Virginia in Rhode Island's Superior Court in an attempt to force the school to comply with the conference's exit bylaws before it leaves for the Big 12.

WVU is hoping to start play in the Big 12 next season even though the Big East's bylaws require 27 months of prior notice before departure.

The statement from Big East commish John Marinatto:

"Today’s legal action underscores The BIG EAST Conference’s stated position that it will vigorously pursue the enforcement of its rights and West Virginia University’s obligations under the conference’s Bylaws which West Virginia formally agreed to and helped construct."


One things for certain, this whole thing is going to be extremely expensive.

If you're so inclined, you can read the entire complaint (which includes 100% less spelling/grammatical errors than the WVU complaint) right here.

Or you can just wait and watch as I use my one year of law school experience to win this case right here....

....Now imagine the Big East's white.