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BYU Will Not Join The Big East

Freeze. Somebody bring me back some money please.

Brigham Young won't be part of the Big East's westward expansion.

Negotiations between the rebuilding conference and BYU have broken off, a person familiar with the talks told The Associated Press. The person spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity because the conference and school have not been making their talks public.

"BYU to the Big East is dead. It's not going to happen," the person said.

BYU athletic department spokesman Brett Pyne said in an email that school officials declined a request for comment.

The Big East was trying to add BYU as part of its plan to become a 12-team football league.

The deal-breaker was television rights. The person says BYU wanted to retain the rights to its home football games and the league could not agree to that.

No other school in a major conference has such a deal.

I got a million ways to get it. Choose one.