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Siva, Marra will play on Friday and more Pitino press conference notes

--Peyton Siva and Mike Marra are healthy and will both play in tomorrow night's season-opener. Stephan Van Treese should return to practice on Monday.

--Pitino announced the signing of Terry Rozier. Says he is "perfect for the way we play" and can play both the one and the two. He needs to improve his defense.

--Doesn't think he can coach as long as Jim Boeheim or Jim Calhoun because of the hours he puts in. Has learned to embrace every day because you never know what's going to happen.

--Thinks a lot of the reason Kyle Kuric didn't play well against Bellarmine is that Peyton Siva wasn't there. Told Kyle after the game that if he wants to be great he has to be more than a shooter. He's done a lot of that, but he didn't show it against Bellarmine. Kyle told him after the game it's not going to happen again.

--This team has struggled with leadership and Peyton is the most vocal leader they have. Everything goes better when he's around.

--He'd rather be approaching the 200-win mark than the 600-win mark because that would mean he'd be 33 or 34-years-old.

--Doesn't expect anybody else to sign right now, but you never know what's going to happen.

--Terry Rozier will play as a freshman.

--Most disappointing aspect of the Bellarmine game was that we didn't take away their best player. We knew all about Jeremy Kendle because he plays with our guys in the summer, and he still had a huge night.

--We miss Preston Knowles' toughness, leadership and ability to make tough shots. Need a guy to evolve into a player with that killer instinct. Would like it to be Kyle.

--Chane Behanan is a much better freshman than he ever could have imagined because of his work ethic. He did not anticipate that.

--Has no idea if this team is better or worse at this time than it was last year. Practices have been extremely non-competitive because of all the injuries. 

--"We can replace TJ with Gorgui. I don't think there's any question about that." Replacing Preston will be much, much harder.

--The team we expected to have could be better than last year's team, but we don't know that because so many guys have been hurt. In a month's time this is going to be a completely different basketball team.

--Gorgui's not getting pushed enough in practice, so Pitino isn't not seeing the improvement in him that he'd like.

--Jared Swopshire is getting better in practice every day.

--It's a very distracted generation. If you see a kid without a headphones on anymore, he's either poor or he got his stolen. Can't believe kids actually study with headphones on. Russ is the worst offender.