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The Future Is So Bright, You Can't Stand To Watch The Present

I'm holding onto hope.  Last year's team will hold a special place in our heart, but this year's team doesn't hold itself out as anything other than a young team.  Because of that, I'll hold off on criticizing too much right now.  We really didn't think we'd hold onto a 6-0 lead even if we had made those 2 FGs did we?  Our defense can't be expected to hold every team they play to 10 points or less, can they?  Whatever hold our new offensive coordinator has over the offense, it is not solid yet.  We need to throw the ball downfield more, but our offensive line, you know, I'm just not sure if they can hold the defense off long enough to give Teddy time.  Holding.

Big East season starts next week.  I think 4 wins would be a miracle at this point.  We are going to be much better next year.

I'm holding onto hope.