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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes


Marley swag. Look at those eyes. Cap tilt, tags hanging out of the jersey. Stylin'.

All right, here's my understanding of the realignment saga as it currently stands.

All reports indicate that Louisville is next in line if the Big 12 continues to expand. The issue is if Missouri stays, whether or not the league wants to stay at ten teams or add two more to get back to 12. If Mizzou bolts for the SEC, it seems like Louisville's in as the 10th team regardless. If the Tigers stay and the Big 12 looks to get back to 12 (a number that would allow it to have a conference title game),  U of L and West Virginia are the probable choices.

The disaster scenario is this: Missouri stays in the Big 12, the Big 12 decides to stay at ten teams, and the SEC adds West Virginia as its 14th member. As we talked about yesterday, a WVU-less Big East is not a place Louisville wants to be.

New reports are that the Big 12 has dropped BYU as an option, and that Texas would like to add Notre Dame as a member in all sports other than football. Poor Big East.

Who could have ever imagined that so much would ride on a decision by Missouri? 

F'ing Fuller.

It may have been one of those season-changing nights for the Louisville soccer team, which scored three unanswered goals in 21 minutes to stun No. 10 Indiana 3-2 in overtime. "Clutch" Kenney Walker netted both the game-tying and winning goals for the Cards, who improved to 7-3-0 on the year. 

Quick reminder to all those who will be watching Saturday's game against North Carolina from outside the city borders and would like to do so with other Cards fans to send in ( your viewing location so it can be featured in tomorrow's "Where We're Watching" post.

"The John C and Ricky Show" will be must-listen radio in about 15 years.

Yes, I've heard the rumors that Shawn Watson has been calling the plays in practice this week/will be calling them on Saturday. No, I can't confirm that they are true.

My understanding is that there has been a bit of friction between Strong/Watson and Mike Sanford over the progression of Teddy Bridgewater. Apparently Sanford thinks Bridgewater should be brought along slowly while Strong/Watson want him to let it rip.

I don't think the situation is nearly as big a deal as some would like or are making it out to be.

The second episode of T-Will's "Poor, Hungry, driven" series(?).

Game notes and preview from the UNC athletic department.

Former U of L basketball star Billy Thompson is now preaching around the country and will be in the Baltimore-area this weekend.

Another North Carolina area writer says the Tar Heels can't afford to overlook Louisville. Remember when we beat these guys 34-0 and 69-14?

And finally, the Louisville men's ice hockey team will be in action against Georgia Saturday night at 5:30 p.m. The game will be played at Alpine Ice Arena on Gardiner Lane in the Highlands. Tickets are just five bucks and beer will be sold.