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Louisville is officially a Big 12 target

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We all knew this was coming, but it's nice to hear (read) a national publication come out and say (type) it.

No timetable was given for a decision from Mizzou. Athletics directors in the SEC met Wednesday to work out scheduling and other details related to Texas A&M’s entry as a 13th member next fall, but Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin said there were no discussions about a new, 14th member.

The Big 12, meanwhile, is actively pursuing expansion to fill at least the hole left by A&M. An official in the league with knowledge of the deliberations, who asked to remain anonymous because of their sensitivity, said the candidates include TCU, Brigham Young and Louisville. TCU’s inclusion is an indication that the league has altered its initial intention to look outside its current geographic boundaries.

Louisville’s and TCU’s inclusion is troublesome for the already-depleted Big East.

Additionally,'s Chip Brown just tweeted that Louisville, BYU and TCU are the Big 12's top choices, with West Virginia also in the mix. This would seem to corroborate the long-time rumor that those three would be added if Missouri stayed, and WVU would join the fray if the Tigers bolted.

I'm just going to say that I'll be very surprised if Louisville hasn't been extended a Big 12 offer by this time next week.