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Stein: "I feel 100% ready to go"

C.L. Brown caught up with junior quarterback Will Stein following yesterday's practice, and Stein told the C-J's U of L beat reporter that he feels good enough to play on Saturday.

"I think I could have played on Saturday, but now I feel 100 percent ready to go," Stein said. "My arm might not be completely 100 percent — it’s probably 85 or 90 — but that’s good enough for me. I can complete every pass I need to."

WHAS anchor Kent Taylor was also at U of L yesterday, and tweeted that when Stein was asked about the biggest difference between this week and last week, he said that this week he can actually throw. I'd say that's a big difference.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sanford was not available after practice (a bit of news that has led to a host of rumors this morning), so there were no comments on who was running with the first team offense or who should expect to receive the bulk of the snaps on Saturday.

I find the fact that Stein says his arm isn't 100% a little troubling, but as of right now I still expect him to get the start in Chapel Hill. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out, though.