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Missouri looking to leave Big 12, Louisville on stand-by

After a lengthy Tuesday night meeting, the University of Missouri board of curators unanimously authorized chancellor Brady Deaton to explore the Tigers’ conference affiliation. Deaton subsequently resigned from the Big 12’s board of directors.

The move says, in a not-so-subtle way, that Missouri is looking to leave the Big 12 for the SEC. The news also dramatically increases the possibility of Louisville receiving a Big 12 invite sooner rather than later.

The Big 12 is down to eight teams, which means the conference needs to add two or four to get back to a nice, round double-digit even number. Louisville, BYU, TCU, West Virginia, Cincinnati and Boise State would seem to be the gentlemen callers involved.

We've been waiting around for a while, but things finally appear to be starting to happen. This could be an eventful last half of the week.