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Tuesday morning Cardinal news and notes


Mallory Ramsey is, I believe, the first female pet Chronicloid to appear on the site.

This can only mean that something big is about to happen. Could mean we're going to upset North Carolina on Saturday, could mean CardsFan922 is about to get struck by lightning. I don't know, I lost my psychic powers when I suffered my second concussion in '99. Briefly got them back when I took a posthole digger to the dome in '05, but that's a whole other deal. Anyway, something big is about to happen. 

North Carolina opened as a 12-point favorite over the Cards on Sunday, and the line almost immediately jumped to 14 (it's now 14.5 or 15 at some sports books). Various Vegas outlets have reported that the game is receiving more action than any other, and that 61% of it is coming in on the Tar Heels.

Oh yeah? Well gambling is wrong.

Freshman left guard John Miller will once again be unavailable on Saturday. Miller was injured late in Louisville's Sept. 17 victory over Kentucky.

I thought Charlie Strong said pretty much everything exactly right during his media address on Monday.

I'll be making the trip to Chapel Hill this weekend, and the fact that there's zero chance of U of L's effort level being anything less than maximum is extremely comforting. I'll also be driving a van that was last utilized for a trip to watch Louisville play in the Orange Bowl.

Something big. I'm sayin'. HeaVan isn't too far away. Too much? Alright. I'm not sorry, though.

Louis Samuels, the artist behind the magnificent Sunny Will Stein banner, gives us the real reason for the Cards' shoddy performance on Saturday.

If you're looking for a reason why we lost, look no further than the curse bestowed upon the Cards when I was rejected at multiple gates, including by the head of security, when trying to bring the Stein banner in. It's coming in next game, one way or another. I'll wear it in if I have to. Look for it hanging from Sect 8.

Sweet Mother of God.

Is Robert Mitchum running security at PJCS? Can we get someone to check on this?

What the hell, man? You don't even deserve a thumbs up...from anyone.

Free Sunny Will.

Jim Calhoun responded to Rick Pitino's recent quip that UConn trying to leave the Big East was "the dumbest thing" he'd ever heard of by "jokingly" calling Pitino a hypocrite.

"We are going to play in a conference, but we're going to be in a place that's best for us," he said. "We've worked too hard to get where we are, we've worked too hard to let anyone stop us."

And as for Rick Pitino's comment that UConn moving to out of the Big East was "the dumbest thing he'd ever heard," Calhoun responded, "The coach who said that has been talking to every conference in America." But later, he said he was joking.

Everybody hatin' on Bloggin' Rick these days. Bloggin' Rick don't care. Bloggin' Rick just countin' his money and typin' away on his gold-plated keyboard.

Monday was my first day working as editor and lead college basketball writer over at the dot com, and all it took was a little Calipari/Pitino rivalry news to attract some significant attention.

It's going to take me a while to figure out the best way to balance time between here and there, so please bear with me. Also, if you're feeling especially opinionated and eloquent, by all means write a FanPost. I'm always going to be looking for additional content, so there's a solid chance your post will make it to the front page.

I would have enjoyed hearing how the rest of this conversation went.


I loved Russell when he was here. There wasn't a more unheralded player who made more big plays during the '05 and '06 seasons.

Enjoyed the season six premier of Dexter on Sunday. It wasn't especially significant itself (aside from Dexter dancing), but it did a good job of setting up the season ahead.

Also, you know those blown up photos of the victims of the people Dexter's about to kill that he posts on the walls of his kill room? Where does he get those done? I can only assume that he's not printing them out himself. I mean, he already seems to be totally unaccounted for at least 3-4 hours every day, and those things are a fairly significant time commitment. I used to have to print similarly sized photos all the time when I worked for Bellarmine's PR department my junior year of college, and even when I had a complete handle on what I was doing that shit was a pain in the ass. And you know he's not going to Kinko's. Unless he's done some sort of extreme Dexter research to determine that one of the employees is extremely trustworthy and would never ask questions and/or pay mind to the actual material he or she develops. Still, that seems highly unlikely.

They should do an episode that consists solely of an explanation for the question laid out above. Most people would be really pissed, but I wouldn't. Satisfied and thankful is what I'd be.

There was lots of buzz about West Virginia potentially making the jump to the SEC on Monday. Also, anyone who says "heating up" in reference to conference realignment from this point forward will be killed. I swear. I'll also take pictures of you doing embarrassing stuff alone in your room, and I won't even care where or how I get them blown up.

In all seriousness, if West Virginia bounces, the Big East is dead. It's that simple.

A WVU-less Big East just cannot be a place where Louisville does business.

The other big realignment news of the day was the Big 12 leaders agreeing to equally share the wealth from the conference's most lucrative television deals if its members agree to lock those top-tier TV rights into the league for at least six years.

Interim commissioner Chuck Neinas also stated that while he plans to visit with Missouri officials soon, the league will be moving forward with its expansion plans sometime this week, regardless of what Missouri decides to do. The first order of business will almost certainly be to decide whether the conference is looking to move to 10 or 12 teams.

A great story out of Lexington about how Donna Covington, the mother of former Louisville football player Daniel Covington, is preserving her son's legacy. Daniel was shot and killed during a fight with former Cardinal baseball player Isaiah Howes a little over a year ago.

UConn's loss to Western Michigan keeps Louisville from dropping back to last in ESPN's latest set of Big East power rankings.

The Charlotte Observer says that "Louisville is the kind of opponent that would be easy to overlook" for North Carolina. Ouch.

Both the soccer team and the field hockey team fell to Connecticut over the weekend. This is still all because Rob Hinners wouldn't give me his seat during the Big East championship game last March. Marquette got Marra'd and we made one of the most improbable comebacks in Cardinal history against Notre Dame with me in that seat. But his girlfriend (now fiance) doesn't want to move, Rob's testicles instantly vanish like writing on water, I'm relegated to the floor, and disaster predictably ensues. So UConn ends up winning a national title and now they're beating us in outdoor sports. Connecticut. A state where you can see your breath outside 11 months out of the year.

Somebody Dexter Hinners.

Marshall's victory over Louisville on Saturday was its first over a BCS opponent since 2003. Better than first ever like Florida International. Baby steps, you guys.

And finally, Rick Bozich writes that Steve Kragthorpe and Ron Cooper have no animosity toward Louisville.

My extensive research has shown that being paid millions of dollars to not work tends to have this effect.