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Wayne Blackshear will miss entire 2011-12 season

Oh, you thought the bad news was over today?


University of Louisville freshman Wayne Blackshear will miss the 2011-12 season after suffering a shoulder injury in practice.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test performed at Jewish Hospital in Louisville points to a torn labrum in his right shoulder, which will require surgery to repair. With an expected recovery time of at least four months, Blackshear will effectively miss the entire season.

If someone had asked me earlier this afternoon, "How could this day get any worse for Louisville?" my answer would've sounded similar to that blurb above.

It would be selfish to ignore the fact that a young man's promising career in basketball just suffered another setback today with this injury. As fans, it's been an awful day, but imagine what Blackshear is going through after the last few months he's experienced. Not being able to go at 100% in a McDonald's All-American game played in his hometown, undergoing surgery to repair the injury to his left shoulder, having to sweat out the NCAA Clearinghouse's decision, finally getting cleared to play basketball at Louisville and then, less than a week after joining his teammates in practice, this happens. Sick.

Pass the bourbon, y'all, sources close to the situation tell me excessive drinking is "heating up" in Louisville. Black Friday is here.