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West Virginia to the Big 12 "hits a snag"

Reports out of Morgantown right now are that the done deal that was West Virginia to the Big 12 may not be as finalized as many thought 24 hours ago. Apparently there was some sort of "bump in the road" last night, and the Mountaineers are blaming whatever that was on Louisville.

There is speculation that the "bump" was a push by Louisville. 

The Dominion Post’s Drew Rubenstein reports that there was a "late push" by the University of Louisville to be considered instead of WVU. 

"Sources used terms like ‘volatile’ and ‘internal battle’ to describe the conference realignment with the Big 12," Rubenstein reported.

Last night, WVU called off preliminary plans for a press conference today. 

Other outlets are reporting that though the process has been slowed by whatever transpired Tuesday evening, it's still on track.

West Virginia still appears to be moving to the Big XII, but the breakneck speed at which the deal was moving has slowed down.

Sources close to West Virginia University have told WVi that the paperwork has been filled out and a move to the Big XII should happen.

Numerous other media outlets jumped the gun and reported a press conference to announce the move was going to happen on Wednesday. Late Tuesday night WVU Associate Athletic Director of Communication, Michael Fragale, issued a statement contradicting those reports, "Contrary to media reports, there is no press conference scheduled for Wednesday concerning WVU's athletic conference affiliation.


Louisville is trying to avoid being left on the sinking ship known as the S.S. Big East. An eleventh-hour push by the Cardinals is believed to be the hold up in finalizing a deal sending West Virginia to the Big XII.

The Big XII is believed to be taking Louisville into consideration. The question is whether this is just to appease Louisville before discarding that idea and going with the Mountaineers.

My guess is that the final line there is probably the case. It may not be announced today (nothing could ever be that easy with all this BS), but West Virginia will end up in the Big 12.

Still, it's good to see the powers that be at U of L are putting up a fight.

Who knows? I'd rather be taking about Pikeville.