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Louisville 16 - Rutgers 14: One Game Winning Streak

Hi, future. You look great.
Hi, future. You look great.

Penalties, missed field goals, more penalties, conceding on third and long, and ill-timed interceptions. It was the same movie we've been watching all season. The difference? Turnovers. And a competent running game.

With 107 yards on 11 carries, Jeremy Wright became the first Cardinal to hit the century mark this year, some seven games into the season. Dom Brown scored the first rushing touchdown by a Louisville running back since Vic Anderson punched one in from two yards out against Murray State in the season opener. Good things happen when you run the ball. And when the opposing freshman quarterback is as green as your own. 

Speaking of quarterbacks, where was Will Stein? Will he see the field again this year? According to GoCardsAttitude, officials at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium removed the giant Sunny Will Stein banner prior to kickoff, which could be an ominous sign of Stein's future at the quarterback position.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Louisville cornerback Anthony Conner, who reportedly broke his neck during the violent collision in the second quarter that sent Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu end over end. Charlie Strong, in a very emotional post-game interview, said that Conner was not paralyzed but that the injury will likely be a career-ending one. Heartbreaking news.

More from Strong:

"It's just so tough anytime you lose a player," said Strong, who kept tapping the side of the podium as he spoke. "It's what happens in this game, but you just never think it'll happen to one of your own. For that to happen, it is, it's sad. I think our players, I told them right after the game. I ended up telling them about it, and some of them didn't take it very well. The whole team didn't take it very well."    

At the end of his post-game press conference, Strong was asked how his team would mentally handle Conner's injury. He replied, "I said to them, if Anthony Conner was sitting here, he would probably tell you guys just continue to play; just play for him."

Here's to a speedy recovery, Anthony.