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Strong: We need leaders and playmakers

Nothing too eventful at Charlie Strong's weekly press conference, but here are a few highlights followed by the video proof.

--This team plays very hard, but not very smart. They almost expect something bad to happen and when it does they don't respond well.

--The preparation and effort are there, but this team is its own worst enemy. Simply have got to cut down on the mistakes. Guys have to start being held accountable for their mistakes.

--We're young, but that's not an excuse. These guys have got to go out and start winning football games.

--We have good football players, but I'm not sure that they really believe they're good.

--We need guys to step up as playmakers, and guys to step up as leaders.

--Defense is playing well, but giving up the big play and 3rd downs are still problems.They've also got to start creating a short field for the offense.

--Rutgers is a big-time pressure defense and they're going to bring pressure from everywhere on Friday.

--Will "probably" continue to use Stein for a couple of series' a game. "He's earned that." Playing Teddy is not an issue of looking ahead to the future. He's played well and he's earned the right to be the starter.