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Here We Go Again: Blackshear Still Not Cleared By NCAA

Gary Parrish at CBS Sports broke some crappy, crappy news this morning: Wayne Blackshear is still awaiting final clearance from the NCAA before he can play.  The shoulder injury thing is either a coincidence or a cover-up I guess.


"It's just a matter of the Clearinghouse clearing him," Louisville coach Rick Pitino told, meaning the Clearinghouse hasn't yet cleared the McDonald's All-American to compete as a freshman.


"Yes," Pitino answered when asked if he's optimistic Blackshear will get through the Clearinghouse. "They're being a lot tougher this year than they have been in the past. But Wayne's situation is, I think, pretty good. We are optimistic."

So, ya.  Thanks NCAA.  You are protecting the integrity of college sports one player at a time.