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Nails Hurt When Driven Directly Into Your Soul

So this loss hurt pretty bad during the game.  A winnable game, on the road against a big rival.  Not anyone's "fault" unless you want to blame the offensive line for sucking so bad.  Not even really their fault - how much can you expect from 2 freshman, a couple of lightly-used players and a Center who was hurt for the last 2 months? 

The offensive play calling still is not where it needs to be.  The 4 or 5 times Teddy tried to go downfield, there was either no one open or there was just no time. 

This is still a very, very young team.  This is nothing but a bridge year, and there's nothing any of us can do about it except stay positive, support the players who are clearly working and getting better, but recognize that, hey, we are who we are this season.

At least basketball season has started.

I'm strangely already over it.