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Rick Pitino is even more excited than you are about this season

U of L's annual tip-off luncheon wasn't the place to be for breaking news or insider information, but if you're looking to get even more excited about the upcoming season, the videos below will certainly do the trick.

Rick Pitino spoke early and often about his passion for the University of Louisville and his unbridled enthusiasm for this year's team. He seemed almost giddy. Near the end of the luncheon when he spotted President James Ramsey - who he'd previously declared had left the building - he began laughing in this uncontrollable manner that I'm not sure we've ever heard from him. It was cool.

Here's are the money quotes from Pitino's closing statements:

"I've coached in a lot of places. I've lived in a lot of towns. There's no finer town than Louisville. There's no better fans than Louisville. There's no better university than Louisville. And it's not just because I represent it now."

"Best people I've ever worked with in my life. Best coaches I've ever associated with in my life. Best fans that I've ever represented as a head coach in my life."

I'm telling you, watch the videos below. I guarantee the feelings of warmth will be so intense that you won't need to sleep with a blanket.

More highlights:

--Pitino began with a quip about the occupiers leaving Wall Street and moving on to the ACC to protest the corporate greed there. I'd give it a C+.

--Gorgui Dieng is up to 240 pounds after arriving at 217 last year. Also, Gorgui. Is. Awesome.

--Pitino said Angel Nunez was unavailable to attend the luncheon because he was getting a no defense vaccine. I'd give it a B-.

--"They're as good a group as I've had since I've been here. They're the deepest group, but this is also the toughest schedule."

--Stephan Van Treese will miss Friday's scrimmage and be out for another week with a patella injury.

--Jared Swopshire is 75-80% healthy. Also, he talked. I'd almost forgotten the glory of Swop Voice.

--Rakeem Buckles definitely won't play in the Red/White scrimmage and Wayne Blackshear likely will not either.

--Rick has never been more excited about a season.