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Mike Sanford has not re-joined the Louisville football staff

In news that might not have been the most difficult to predict, C.L. Brown reports that former U of L offensive coordinator Mike Sanford was not back with the team when the Cardinals returned to the practice field on Tuesday. This despite repeated statements by head coach Charlie Strong that Sanford had not been fired, and would be re-joining the Louisville staff in a to-be-determined role this week.

It's been an odd situation all the way around, but one of the strangest aspects was Strong saying Monday that Sanford wasn't being punished or angry when he was away from the team last week, but that he was taking some time to "think about his new role." The role that was and is still non-existent?

This whole saga has been like a perpetually pissed off kid whose disappointed parent is still trying to protect his son from the judgment of the neighbors. "He's thinking about what he did by himself in his room. We'll get him straightened out." Everyone knows it's not going to happen.

However we got here, the fact of the matter is that Sanford is probably not going to be returning to the staff, and that's probably a good thing for all parties concerned...except maybe Sanford, who would stand to forfeit at least part of his $300,000 salary.

It's the Shawn Watson show for the foreseeable future.