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Neinas: Missouri has time and the Big 12 will be 10 teams in 2012

Don't overload on realignment talk just yet, because it's not going anywhere.

Interim Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas announced that Missouri will have until the end of the academic year to make a decision about whether or not it wants to make a move to the SEC. He also stated that any such move would not happen until after the 2012-2013 academic year.

Neinas said there is no consensus on whether the league would like to maintain 10 or move back to 12 members and that it would be impossible to make any such decision until it becomes clear what Missouri is going to do. He added that there is no way the league expands to a number like 16.

More from Brett McMurphy:

The decision to expand to 12 would have a big impact on the Big East. Sources have told that Louisville is the top candidate of the Big 12 if the league adds one member and if it expands by more than one, West Virginia is another strong candidate. 

Neinas did not discuss any potential expansion candidates on Tuesday’s conference call.

He did say, however, that an Associated Press report that Missouri could make $12 million more annually in a 14-team SEC was not accurate. 

"They (a 14-team SEC) would have to increase their television revenue by $168 million," Neinas said.

The Big 12’s interim commissioner said Missouri reacted "favorably" to the addition of TCU. He also added Texas will continue to have a nationally televised Thanksgiving game, but with Texas A&M gone to the SEC, the Longhorns’ opponent for future seasons has not been determined.

F'ing Fuller.