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Marshall 17 - Louisville 13: Blundering Bird

Five first half thoughts:

1. [Your first half thoughts are about to begin. Thanks for watching ESPN3!]

2. [We are experiencing technical difficulties. Thanks for trying to watch ESPN3!]

3. [We are calling that one guy who single-handedly streamed exhibition basketball games from the Bahamas. Have you downloaded our ESPN3 iPhone app that only 28 people can actually utilize?]

4. That 70+ yard punt by Philpott looked pretty goo--crap the stream is out again.

5. I couldn't watch it but the first quarter sounded awful on the radio. Credit Teddy, who did a great job getting back on track in the second quarter and creating some solid rhythm in the hurry-up offense.

Second half thoughts in paragraph form:

Wow. Marshall beat Louisville in every aspect of the game: Passing, running, blocking, penalties, special teams, turnovers, etc... The Cards earned just three first downs in the second half. Teddy threw two interceptions, of which both were ill-advised but it's tough to blame a true freshman starting his first game behind an offensive line that, uhh, searching for respectful words here, just didn't execute well enough to beat Marshall. AT HOME. EXCLAMATION POINT.

Charlie Strong: "Our whole football team played bad, so I'm not going to single anyone out. When you're at home, you have to defend your home surface. [When you look back at the last year at Louisville] there's six losses at home. You have to go and defend your house."

It's all very sobering. This is what happens when you ride a roller coaster designed and operated by 18 year old kids. It's a lot of fun in-between all the puking & seat harness malfunctions. 

For whatever reason, Strong's teams at Louisville have looked a lot better on the road so it's time to move on and prepare for North Carolina and Cincinnati.